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Safariimpecc initiated a global movement of a RESPONSIBLE TOURISM (Community based Tourism) through the network of travel industry partners, organizations, travellers and global citizens who are interested in reaching out and supporting the vulnerable groups in Tanzania.

Community based tourism enables the tourist to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. Here the tourist are invited to visit the local community with marginalized Economically, rural or often poor Families with the provision of overnight accommodation or just a day visit with the purpose of Helping them in one way or another but not as apart of tour attractions.

When you choose Safariimpecc, you're not just booking a safari; you're contributing to a sustainable, ethical, and responsible travel movement. Together, we can protect the natural wonders of the world and ensure they thrive for generations to come.


Our objective is to give some of the most less fortunately society in Tanzania to have the access to the basic necessities that all people deserve; education, food and health care, environmental re-Shape (Tree planting) so that they can break out of the cycle of poverty and live happy, productive lives.
We believe in the power of unit and the potential of all people supporting each other to make a better life. Help One save Ten!



To unite the world long term volunteers with various projects supported by Safari Impecc.

Core Values

  • Social Needs.
  • Educational Needs
  • Environmental conservation and sustainability

Our Commitment

We struggle to help less fortunate to realize their full potential and are committed to equipping them with the tools necessary to reach that potential.

We offer perspective:
We strive to give young people a lasting and new perspective. There are hundreads of children who lost their parents and this become the reason for them to quite/skips classes and forced to be street children’s, some are forced due to some family challenges, with just a little help we may change their lives and give them a new smile.

We Aspire to increase awareness about the major challenges that children growing up in Africa face. This will help us achieve our objectives as well as encourage public willingness to get involved and to contribute.


Our planned projects are being put into practice efficiently, reliably, and without any bureaucracy. We continuously monitor the development and current status of all project work on-site. We are politically and religiously independent.

1.Education (Girls / less fortunate group)
2. Environment Conservation – Planting trees and environment Cleaning
3. Boreholes


We handle financial contributions entrusted to us with care. We ensure that they are systematically applied in order to successfully achieve the implementation of our projects in Arusha. We work together with private donors, corporate donors, and project sponsors (provision of goods / non-cash benefits). We communicate openly, and we are completely transparent at all times. The financial statements are audited by ex ternal audit firms and will be made available online If you would like some help or advice, or just want to discuss your ideas for your next trip, do give us a call drop an email then we will assist you.


Volunteering in Africa is an amazing experience and allows you to get a great feel for the country and the local people. It can be life-changing moment!

Use your skills to help a specific project. (Are you a teacher, doctor nurse, engineer.) Tell us your skills and we will help you find a worthy project that after or before your safari you will get a time to volunteering /have a time to do something for our community. Our volunteers play an important role in our projects, providing much-needed support, assistance, and individual attention that is crucial for children’s education and development in our community. As a volunteer you will be participating in a meaningful way in projects that are valued by the community with whom we work. Your work makes a difference!

If you’re someone who is passionate about teaching and you want to help increase access to education in under-resourced communities in Tanzania, this project will be a good fit for you and we will be glad to hear from you.

You will have the opportunity to interact with local people to learn more about our culture, language and Tanzanian ways of living. We offer our Volunteers a great cultural exchange to live with and experience the real Tanzanian life from its roots.

After your volunteering time or between your volunteering program you will get chance to combine your volunteering with a vast of incredible Tanzanian activities that will be easy to you to reach, this may range as per number of days that you wish to spend on safari, climbing Kilimanjaro, traveling to Zanzibar, or doing one of many day trips in the local vicinity.

What we Do:

You wish to do something but your Time to stay in Tanzania is to short?

After /before your safari along the way we can take you to a specific point where you can have up to 1 hr. stay and give a hand to the special group with highly need of your help or you can contribute to our giving hand fund raising project then we will tag you on our deliverance of help in every end of safari.

Make a directed donation. Virtually every school need supplies, every medical clinic needs medicine, and water project to the villagers need support. Let us know your interests and we’ll help you to turn your donation into a tangible product that can be seen when you get there and for the next better generations. Address to us; we always have several ongoing projects that could use additional support.

Save the nature.

You can use just a short time of your stay in Africa to save the world against Environmental changes by planting Trees and cleaning the environment that have been affected by the human activities. we do conduct just a day activity to save the marine Organism by collecting the trash along the beach of Zanzibar during your stay in Zanzibar, collecting trash along the water sources and roads, help to educate student the importance of conserving the environment, or you can donate to help this project done for better tomorrows life.

Home Visits and Home Stays

We realize that some people who travel to Tanzania may gain a desire to give something back to Tanzania. When that happens, we will provide insight and guidance to individuals who wish to provide that support.

Smiling faces and warm welcomes.

Enjoy true Tanzanian hospitality. Meet an everyday Tanzanian family. Tour the house (where they cook, sleep, get water, and eat) as they explain their daily routine and show you where they grow food and keep livestock. If you like, have a soda or tea, visit local shops, visit the children’s school, or just swap stories. Feel at home.

And spend a night. You will have your own room with lockable door, comfortable bed with mosquito net, and easy access to a restroom. In the morning, enjoy a Tanzanian shower (hot water in a bucket) and a home-cooked breakfast before bidding farewell and continuing your journey.

For more information:

Email: info@safariimpecc.com


School Construction and Renovation: Schools in Arusha are often overcrowded but also serve as an important function for the children in the community, but still our children’s travel a long distance more than 5-8 kms every day to reach schools while They face many challenges on their way to / from schools that cause others to drop classes and even to fail their studies. We need a strategy to help them fulfill their dreams and improve their future, so one of the strategies we are doing is to find a way to build and improve schools around them so that they can get an education without too many challenges.

Donating to a teaching material, (books exercise Books, pens, school uniforms, bags) painting school buildings, building new classrooms or volunteering in construction is one of the ways that will restore the smile and joy of reading to our children. Volunteers can participate in construction projects, small projects helping to build what will become our community School, With the help of Donners & volunteers we can build more classrooms to help us reach our goals. ‘’Together we can create a better future Generations’’

Responsible Travel Tips

  • Respect local customs and traditions.
  • Participate in wildlife conservation efforts during your safari.
  • Minimize your carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly transportation options

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